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Profile: Team
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Supervising Art Director | Art Director | Production Designer


Diversity of creative execution converting thoughts and visions on to a screen has played a major role in his Art Direction and Design. With 20 years of experience, he has learned how to adapt himself into many projects internationally in any region. At a very young age, Leslie has gone through tremendous amount of production values from Production Asst. , Location to Casting and eventually found his way to Art Department.

Exposed since young to the film industry, Reality Shows and Events through many international Production Designers such as Emmy Awards Winner Lilly Kilvert (Last Samurai, Legends of the Falls, Valkyrie, In The Line of Fire),  Mike Gunn (Eddie the Eagle, Crazyhead, Robin Hood, Strike Back), James Foster (Skyfall, World War Z, Beauty and the Beast), Nelson Coates (Crazy Rich Asians, Fifty Shades Darker, The Proposal, Flight), and Howard  Cummings (Westworld, I am Legend, Contagion, The Long Kiss Good Night). 

He has developed an outstanding skill in areas of management, supervising and Designing, overseeing the whole Art Department crew and construction, excellent communication skills, budgeting in Asia Region, combining designing in SketchUp and photoshop and excellent skills in time management with Mac office Suite makes him versatile in any condition and in any region. His Superior understanding in Camera works and Digital post works makes him even more versatile in film production.


Experience in working with award winning Directors: Jonathan Nolan(Dark Night, Westworld), Jon M Chu (Crazy Rich Asians, GI Joe, Now you See me 2), James Mctigue (Known for The Gringo, V for Vendetta, Matrix), Joachim&Aspen (Known for Ton-Tiki, Pirates of the Caribbean), Bill Eagles (12 monkeys, Gotham, Terminator: Sarah O’Connor), Michael Mann (Last of the Mohicans, Heat) and also award winning TV Commercial Directors and Reality TV Such as TV Director Bertram Van Munster (Amazing Race), John Park (TVC Director), Mark Toia (TVC director).

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