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There are two major parts to this country, Peninsular West Malaysia and East Malaysia. There are numerous smaller islands surrounding both landmasses.
Peninsular Malaysia is situated on the southernmost section of the Malay Peninsula, south of Thailand, north of Singapore and east of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. 
East Malaysia comprises most of the northern part of Borneo island, with land borders shared with Brunei to the north and Indonesian Borneo which is to the south.


Malaysia is surrounded by Aesthetic areas, covering mountains, Tropical Forest, land and sea – on shore and off shore.
With the mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Europeans culture and influence, it is a home to colonial buildings to modern architecture design buildings, local township and villages that has the potential to recreate or replicate countries around the world.
A Few Projects Filmed in Malaysia: Crazy Rich Asians, Strike Back Season 7, Blackhat, Marco Polo Season 1, Marco Polo Season 2, The Amazing Race etc.


Iskandar Malaysia Studios offers state-of-the-art World Class Facility including Backlots, stages, sound stages, post production offices, Production office spaces, workshop spaces, water tank and pool for productions that require work on or under water.


High internet connectivity and support.
Major flight (International and domestic) , land and water transport network.
Proper driving roads leading into villages and locations


Independent crew that able to cope/ work in every environment.
Multilingualism support: English, Chinese Mandarin/Cantonese, Bahasa Malaysia,
Tamil and Hindi
Highly effective and efficient skill-set to cater from light to heavy filming demands.

Adaptive and technical crew in any work culture settings.

Provides warm local hospitality.


Film making hardware, tools, gears and equipment available to cater to most needs.
Available heavy machineries and operators.


Malaysia is a blue ocean in filming industry. With competition around the region, therefore, We want to stand apart and add value and quality to the industry as well as create and experience in this field.


T.A.F targets to help individuals who wants to better or enhance themselves in skills, safety, systematic way of working and understanding , by learning from internationally acclaimed professionals.

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